Rates And Calculator

How do I Calculate Shipping Fees?

What the video below to learn about shipping rates.
POUND (Ibs) RATE ($)
Up to 0.5 -
Up to 1 5.50
2 8.50
3 11.50
4 14.50
5 17.50
6 20.50
7 23.50
8 26.50
9 29.50
10 32.50

For packages above 10lbs, please use our Shipping Calculator below.

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Mail up to 8 ounces. Terms and conditions apply

There is an additional $1.00USD Logistics Fee for each package up to 10lbs and an additional $0.25USD per lbs after the first 10lbs.

Customs may assess duties to packages with value in excess of $50.00 USD (C.I.F.).

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